Best Interactive Ebook Creator Software Review USA 2022

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Best Interactive Ebook Creator Software Review USA 2022 | 40,000+ Reviews | Free Demo

Sqribble helps you create AMAZING eBooks & Reports within MINUTES without typing any word. It lets you become an author and make digital books within a couple of minutes. There’s no need for designing or technical knowledge or skills. Any newbie into the world of books can take the advantage of it at its best.

According to reports, 20% of American bookworms read more eBooks than actual physical books.

More from the data, nearly 191 million eBooks were sold in the year 2020.

EBooks are getting better and better for the past few years. There is a specific reason for this growth and that is digitalization. The grocery that was once bought from the stores can now be purchased using an application online. The books stores or libraries are getting reduced and that’s the most basic reason behind the advancement of eBooks. Hence, we’ll discuss Best Interactive Ebook Creator Software, its features, benefits, and functioning in this article.

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According to experts, the main reason people like eBooks more is the cost advantage that it has over hardcopy. In the US and Germany, the eBooks edition of the top 10 best sellers is 20% cheaper than the hardcover version of the same book.

As the reading method has changed so the demand for digital software is simultaneously increasing. Therefore the authors and influencers will need some easy and amazing software to design eBooks much faster and conveniently. That’s where Sqribble comes into play

Sqribble helps you create AMAZING eBooks & Reports within MINUTES without typing any word. It lets you become an author and make digital books within a couple of minutes. There’s no need for designing or technical knowledge or skills. Any newbie into the world of books can take the advantage of it at its best.

So till now, you have got aware of this Best Interactive Ebook Creator Software, “Sqribble” Now let’s dive deeper into the features of this super tool.

SQRIBBLE Create an Ebook in 5 minutes

Features of Sqribble

  1. EBooks on demand
  2. 50 hot templates
  3. Nearly 300 style layouts
  4. Unlimited pages
  5. You can sell to clients as well
  6. It’s easy to use
  7. Categories of more than 15 niche
  8. Auto content writer
  9. Commercial license
  10. Agency website
  11. No installation is required and is compatible with all types of computers

These 11 features are more than enough a single software can have.

Sqribble is the “The World’s #1 EBook Creator Studio“. Thanks to all the above-listed cool features.

Why you should use Sqribble?

It is obvious that many a time you have wasted hours creating simple designs or searching for a good designer on freelancing sites. Even then you have to wait for more than 5 – 14 days for the designer to come back only to hate it. That’s what the usual day as if you were trying to create an eBook.

Also, the cost of hiring a designer or buying templates costs hundreds of dollars. Even then you were not aware of the skills, or demand, or the actual work that needs to be put on. And most importantly you know the niche but don’t have the skills to write the same. At last, you end with frustration and nothing else. Therefore sqribble is one of the favorite tools of the creators, authors, or marketers.

Let’s understand the features in detail

More details for Best Interactive Ebook Creator Software

Firstly you’ll get an amazing portfolio to show to your readers. Basically an agency website.

Commercial license: The best part is you’ll be able to work for others and keeps 100% of the profits. You will not have to share any amount of profit with the software creator.

Content writing: You can actually skip writing anything with its automated content writing engine. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy writing or you can always write using automation.

Create within minutes: You can create amazing eBooks, reports, and whitepapers in minutes. EBooks contain lots of complexity and this tool makes them easy to manage and create.

As it’s an easy-to-use software that doesn’t require and pre-knowledge of tech or designing. That means any new one into the field of tech or digital media can also use it conveniently.

And at last, you’ll get 50 templates to select from in 15 popular niche categories. So no need to design the theme or hire costly designers.

Sqribble is the only eBook creator that has removed the 3 biggest headaches to creating eBooks. Creating eBooks was never so easy and you can complete your eBook in 3 simple steps.

How you can create an eBook using Best Interactive Ebook Creator Software in 3 simple steps?

Step 1: Pick a Template

Best Interactive Ebook Creator Software

Start by selecting templates from 15 different niche categories. Each template included a table of content and page layouts for more professional design.

Step 2: Add Instant Content

Best Interactive Ebook Creator Software

You don’t have to create content. Just put URL and sqribble will automatically fetch the content and create content of the book. You can also take the advantage of 1000+ articles using their built-in search engine.

Step 3: Customize & Publish

Best Interactive Ebook Creator Software

You just need to pick the colour of the theme and customize it. Then add or delete pages, images, headlines, and buttons or bullet points.

The digital content is increasing and creating an eBook is of great advantage for making people and to share your concepts and information. In this era tools like Sqribble creates 10X more value in content creation.

And the best part is the commercial license which costs more than $497 alone is included in this package itself. That means you can start your agency of eBooks creation and earn maximum value and profit. This is something best about interactive ebook creator software.

What you’ll get with a commercial license?

  • Commercial rights: Sqribble will allow you to create eBooks for clients and sell them at your own rates. The software will not ask for any sort of royalty in its return.
  • Dashboard for client management: It helps to keep the track of the new clients by adding them to the dashboard.
  • Feedback engine: The clients will be able to provide feedback and rate your work. This way they can approve your design and remove payment issues.

Benefits of using Sqribble

  • Sqribble will make publishing easy and fast. You can publish directly from your dashboard. You just have to press the generate button and your eBooks will get created.
  • Moreover, it will help you build your email list. Generating leads and managing the list is a little bit of a tough task. Hence this tool helps you build your email list and reach out to potential readers.

Facts about Sqribble

  1. As we have gone through the point of automatic content writing. It actually means sqribble will itself fill the eBooks with genuine content from several verified resources.
  2. Find useful content or from your blog ->pick the URL ->Press button to import content.
  3. You will save hundreds of dollars by not hiring freelance writers. As an experienced writer charges around 1$/ word.
  4. Table of content is an effective strategy to navigate throughout the content. Sqribble will provide an editable table of content.
  5. You can reword, reformat and reshuffle.
  6. The tool automatically inserts a smart footer and header that enhances an ebook’s look and gives a professional feel.
  7. Automatic numbering of pages will make it more sequential and will save your time.

Conclusion for Best Interactive Ebook Creator Software

We have discussed the amazing eBook creating software, ‘SQRIBBLE‘, the Best Interactive Ebook Creator Software. This allows multiple minds-blowing features for the best creation of an eBook. The inbuilt features, commercial rights, and what are the benefits of using it? The convenience it provides and how you can generate more profit by creating your own agency for eBooks creation.

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