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Best Selling XStore Responsive Ecommerce Theme USA 2022 | 49$ | 31,306 sales | 4.85 star ratings

The most complete and highly customizable woocommerce theme. Neither less to say the developers have done their job quite well. We have been using the Xstore theme on some of our websites also. 

Xstore theme got 350+ pre-build blocks, 100awesome shops, 15,000support requests. Most importantly you get access to premium plugins worth rupees $510. And it’s been 9 years on Envato which seems to be quite promising. Purchase this theme for only $39.

Why You Should Buy Xstore, the best-selling responsive theme? 

What makes this theme any different from its competitors?  Technically most of the themes are not compatible with the latest page builders, as they have their page builders to design the website, sections, blocks, etc. However, some themes are compatible with only a one-page builder. But this is not the case with the Xstore theme, it’s compatible with the latest page builders.

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For instance, Elementor, WPbakery. Xstore theme provides you a dedicated section to customize the website’s header & footer. Above all, You can customize every bit of your woocommerce website in live mode. There’s no need to save anything when you can see your changes in live mode. 

Xstore Unlimited live theme options

There’s a time when you have to save every change you make on your website during customization. Moreover, you need to refresh the page then only you can see the changes you made. But now with Live customization mode, there’s no need to save anything, you can simply see every customization you are doing in live mode. This feature makes Xstore best selling responsive theme ever.

With Live theme options, your tedious task of saving changes and then previewing them becomes easy. Certainly, live theme options save your crucial time and make the customization process easy and interesting.  

Xstore Studio

It’s an extensive online library through which you can make interactive and engaging websites in few clicks. All you need to do is to import a demo site you like and customize as per your niche demands and you are ready to go. It’s a smart way of creating web pages in 2022. There are more than 100 awesome pre-built ecommerce shops. Believe it or not one of them is going to match your requirements. For a better understanding of Xstore Studio, you can watch the following video. 

Boost Your Speed with the responsiveness of best-selling Xstore theme

Xstore theme is developed by a team of professionals. It’s a very lightweight theme. Your website is going to load with lightning-fast speed once you install Xstore on your website. Speed is the most important factor directly proportional to your website’s ranking. When website loads quickly, visitors tend to have a better user experience.

Above all, if your visitors are having a great user experience then they are less likely to bounce back from your site and your bounce rate remains low. Moreover, if your bounce rate is low then your website ranking is undoubtedly going to be higher. In short, Xstore can play a significant role in improving your website rankings by boosting the speed of your website. 

Premium plugins worth $510

No matter what a developer claims about its theme, be it a complete package, no plugin required, highly responsive, etc. But you know it, we know it, that we still need some plugins to amplify our online business growth. However, Xstore developers have outplayed this time. They are providing you access to all the premium plugins that you may require to build your website for free. These Plugins are worth more than $510 and you can get access to them free with the Xstore theme. 

You have to pay $39 only for the Xstore Theme and all the premium plugins are complementary. For instance, slider revolution, WPBakery page builder, WZone for amazon affiliate, massive addons for visual composer, infinite scroll & ajax pagination, and many more premium plugins are complementary. Now you are getting why Xstore is the best-selling responsive theme ever? what more can you expect in $39.

Highly customizable & responsive best-selling Xstore

Have you ever wonder how some of the great apps like amazon, Flipkart are designed? How they are so responsive that they look dapper on desktop and mobile phones? Well to match their level is a little impossible but you can design responsive layouts of your websites for all devices with Xstore best selling responsive header builder.

Always Keep Theme Updates

As you update your phone regularly similarly your theme needs to be updated. Free themes lack in this area, they get outdated in a month or two. On the other hand premium themes like Xstore are updated regularly according to the new WordPress & woocommerce updates.  

Professional World-Class Support and its responsiveness makes it best-selling theme

This is the most integral part which you should not compromise with when you are purchasing a premium theme. Luckily Xstore developers will never let your hopes down, they will answer your queries and you can always ask for their help 24×7. There’s also a community where you can ask for help and your request will be answered shortly by world-class developers. 

As we are discussing support then you should know that the Xstore developer had been on ThemeForest for the past 9 years. They always hold themselves in the best elite authors in the past 9 years. 

Conclusion for best selling responsive Xstore theme

In this blog, we have discussed why Xstore is the Best-selling responsive theme for all your woocommerce projects? What are you getting for a price of $39? How responsive and customizable Xstore theme is? How supportive is the community of Xstore is?

 After extensive research of Xstore theme and using it for over a year now, we would like to conclude that you should consider Xstore once for your woocommerce projects. You are going to love this theme. The site library has enough amount of prebuilt sections, blocks, and templates. You also got 100 + professionally designed starter sites that will kick start your business right away. 

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