Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Fastest Responsive WooCommerce Theme USA 2022

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Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Fastest Responsive WooCommerce Theme USA 2022 | 59$ | 190,397 sales | 4.80 star ratings

Flatsome is what you need. It’s fast, responsive, lightweight, SEO friendly. Moreover, it has its page builder & comes with hundreds of predesign sections, pages, starter sites, templates, and the list goes on.

Here’s a glimpse of the Flatsome ecommerce theme. It was published in 2013 and got updated regularly. The last update was on 15 March 2022. It got massive 190,397 sales (6.4k sales only in last week),  6477+ 5 star ratings. You can buy the license for this theme only for $59. Isn’t it great?

You might have already heard about the flatsome Ecommerce theme. It’s the fastest responsive woocommerce theme available in the market. So, it’s always been in the weekly best-sellers on the ThemeForest website. But for people new to the WordPress community and looking for the best ecommerce theme, Flatsome is what you need. It’s fast, responsive, lightweight, SEO friendly. Moreover, it has its page builder & comes with hundreds of predesign sections, pages, starter sites, templates, and the list goes on.

Although it’s a high-performance WordPress theme and it’s capable of designing any kind of project/website. But it is more dedicated towards the woocommerce side. It has got plenty of pre-designed starter sites, templates, based on different ecommerce niches. Certainly, there will be a starter site or templates for your niche in the Flatsome site library. You just need to import that template/starter site and you can kickstart your website right away.

Flatsome Main Features, fastest responsive woocommerce theme

  • UX builder (front-end page builder)
  • Header Designer (drag & drop header elements)
  • Woocommerce & Shop features
  • Live theme Options (customize theme live)
  • Flatsome Studio (large online library of pre-defined layouts)
  • Fastest performance (A 98%)^
  • Footer features (very flexible footer)
  • Elements library (highly customizable elements)
  • Blocks elements (insert and edit blocks anywhere)
  • Blog features (unlimited blog layouts)
  • Parallax scrolling (easy parallax effects)
  • Single page navigation (navigation for simple sites)
  • Portfolio features (show your work)
  • Sticky section (create cool sticky sections)
  • Flatsome Community (growing Facebook group)

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Responsive Theme Demos | Flatsome

Flatsome theme contains enormous starter sites, templates, and demos for every niche you can think of. Above all, you are going to kickstart your website no matter what niche you are working on. In addition, Choose from hundreds of home, about, contact, shop, checkout pages and customize them according to your niche. Have a look at the following video to get an overview of demo sites.

Top reasons to love Flatsome, fastest responsive woocommerce theme

Revolutionary drag & Drop Page builder

When it comes to design your website the new UX builder is phenomenal. You got tons of options to customize your website’s header, footer, sliders, banners, shop page, checkout page, account page, hero sections, and much more. UX builder is so efficient that you can customize everything with the ease of drag and drop functionality. For instance, you can customize the layout with layout elements, edit the text using a text editor, etc.

Optimized Speed

Pagespeed is an important factor for ranking. If your website is taking longer than expected to load then it will increase your bounce rate and that will hamper your ranking. For Google, its users come first and that’s why sites with larger load time have to bear the consequences (google will going to lower down their ranking) according to its recent update.

Flatsome theme is packed with some cool features which makes it the fastest responsive woocommerce theme. These features push flatsome to achieve a top score in performance, speed, and responsiveness. This theme is based on a lightweight CSS and Javascript framework. The CSS file size is also minimal which is good for page speed and Google SEO. Features like smart lazy loading allow images to load only when needed, directly decreasing the page load time. Parallax & animation effects are kept at a minimum of 60 fps which makes the site feels smooth.

Responsive Options

60-65 % of traffic is driven by mobile users, so your website should be mobile responsive. Flatsome theme allows you to create responsive pages for desktop, mobile & tablet. You can create different layouts for different devices simultaneously with UX builder. Whatever layout you design with UX builder, it’s going to be as fast as lightning. Your dream of achieving A grade scores with only a few requests for your website is now possible with the Flatsome theme. As the UX builder is based on angular, and it’s incredibly fast and fluid.

There’s a dedicated slider & banner system in the Flatsome theme. No need to install any plugin for sliders or banners. Moreover, you can choose from various predesign banners or sliders and customize them as per the sales/offers going on your website.

Large Elements Library of fastest woocommerce theme, It’s very responsive

The UX builder is extensively filled with mind-boggling elements. The UX builder has customizable 30 content elements, 9 shop elements & 5 layout elements. Each & every element is 100 percent customizable which gives you a magical power to create/design whatever you have in mind for your website. Needless to say, you don’t have to touch a single line of code, every customization can be done with the ease of drag & drop functionality.

Live Customizer

Flatsome allows you to customize everything in a live customizer. You don’t have to save anything as you can see every bit of a change you are doing live. Choose from thousands of options and customize everything live. With a live customizer, you save a lot of time as well. Certainly, it’s a practical theme that has gone through so many tests by its developers and now it’s ready to serve you. These incredible features make the flatsome one of the fastest responsive woocommerce themes.

Flatsome Studio

Flatsome studio is a library for hundreds of pre-design sections and whole pages. These pre-design sections and pages are designed by a team of professionals. In short, you just need to do is import the section of your choice and customize it as per your niche and ready to go. No need to touch a single piece of code for anything. Every Flat studio section is 100 % customizable with the ease of drag & drop functionality.


In this blog, we have discussed why Flatsome is the fastest responsive woocommerce theme? In other words, why you should look forward to it? Firstly, it’s got speed, responsiveness, site library, studio library. Secondly, the Flatsome theme is lightweight and SEO-friendly. In addition, it’s a well-coded theme and a team of professional developers has spent a significant amount of time in making it. Once you buy the license of the Flatsome theme you are not going to regret it. Moreover, There are future updates packed with the license and you get 6-months of support from a dedicated team.

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