Sheesham Indian Rosewood Dining Table 2022

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Sheesham Indian rosewood dining table 2022
  • Manufacturers– ‎Douceur Furnitures
  • Product dimensions- 144.78 x 88.9 x 76.2 cm;
  • Item weight– 100 kg
  • Item dimensions– 144.8 x 88.9 x 76.2
  • CentimetersIncluded components- 6 chairs With Assembly Tools, 1 Table

Sheesham Indian rosewood dining table 2022:- Six Seater dining set, wooden dining table, dining table, and chair.

Sheesham Indian rosewood dining table

In this blog, we are going to discuss the Sheesham Indian rosewood dining table. This blog is going to be very detailed and informative because in this blog we will explain each and every information of about Sheesham Indian Rosewood Dining Table. Why do people buy Sheesham wood, and what are the benefits of Sheesham tables.

We will explain about Sheesham wood and will share every information. So get ready for this blog.

But first, we will tell you what Sheesham wood is so that it would be easy to understand.

Douceur Furnitures – Pure Sheesham Wood Dining Table 6 Seater | Wooden Dining Table with 6 Chairs – Finish- Natural Wood Finish


  1. Fits in your space, and fits your budget. Give Your Home A Luxurious Look With Sheesham wood table
  2. Assembly Required – Yes, Chairs are Pre Assembled, Just Unbox, and Start Using. Moreover, the table Needs A basic Assembly with a Given Tool in The Box.
  3. Six Seater dining set, wooden dining table, dining table, and chair.

Sheesham wood is really premium and this Douceur dining set is really amazing. You should definitely consider it, as it is a very high-quality product and it looks really attractive in your home.

Why do people prefer Sheesham Indian Rosewood Dining Table?

In terms of design and styles of furniture, furniture lovers often have a variety of options to choose from. However, the most important factor is the longevity and durability of the furniture, regardless of the style. In the context of Indian furniture, Sheesham wood is one of the most popular and sought-after woods. The durability of the furniture is solely determined by the type of wood used.

  • The durability of Sheesham:- Saraf Furniture has been in the business for more than nineteen years. We use only the finest raw materials. Our client testimonials are a testament to how successful the company has been over the past two decades. The durability of the furniture has been one of the primary reasons for the trust the customers bestowed upon them.
  • Over the years, the furniture has earned the respect of clients around the country by enduring the test of time. Since Sheesham wood resists decay and rot, and because it has a natural resistance to dry termite attacks, it is durable in most weather conditions.
  • Workability:- Sheesham wood can be easily glued, finished, and used to create all kinds of furniture. So, this wood is always in demand and is the preferred choice for furniture-making, especially Sheesham wood beds.
  • Best alternative:- Among the best hardwoods for carving, Sheesham wood is rated as the best. We prefer Sheesham wood for carving customer-specific furniture, as it is hard and has a medium-coarse texture. Consequently, Sheesham wood is the best choice for carving as well as engraving.
  • Other alternatives, such as mango tree wood, may wrap, bend or split during the carving process; however, such problems have never been reported when carving Sheesham wood. Certainly, Sheesham Indian Rosewood Dining Table is best for your home.
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Benefits of having Sheesham Indian Rosewood Dining Table

  • Sheesham wood is commonly used for windows and doors.
  • Wood from Sheesham can be used in several industries, including aircraft and marine plywood, charcoal for cooking and heating food, musical instruments, sporting goods, decorative turnery, carving, and engraving.
  • Sheesham furniture has its own unique color and is easily hand waxed, giving it a smooth exterior.
  • Indian rosewood is very strong and opposes dry-wood termites.
  • Sheesham wood has neither parts nor twists, so making cabinets and another furniture is normally utilized.

Maintenance of Sheesham Indian Rosewood Dining Table

Sheesham is known for its solidness, resistance against mites, and strength, however, you should go to specific lengths to keep your Sheesham wood furniture in great shape, so it last longer. Here is a rundown of a portion of the measures that should be taken:

  1. Get your Sheesham Indian Rosewood Dining Table cleaned every now and again to keep up with its completion, allure, and look.
  2. Dust your Sheesham wood bed and other furniture every now and again to keep soil from choosing it.
  3. To forestall scratches on your Sheesham furniture, consistently utilize delicate safeguarding preceding putting any sharp items or adornments on it.
  4. Use liners or heatproof mats prior to putting hot substances to forestall blemishes on the wooden surface of furniture.
  5. Furniture made from Sheesham should not be held under direct daylight or in nearness to chimneys.

At The End

Hope you like this blog. As we’ve shared all the benefits and why people use it, everything we’ve explained in detail. We try to share each and every piece of information about Sheesham Indian Rosewood Dining Table. So that you can understand if it is better or not. Hope you like the blog and if you like the blog then please share this blog with your friends and family and spread this information.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which wood is best for dining?

Sheesham, teak, rosewood, satinwood, and other imported wood is an extraordinary choices for a dining table. While making a determination for a wooden eating table, you can likewise pick an alternate completion for the tabletop and make the legs of the feasting table in wood.

Can Sheesham wood be washed?

Wooden furniture should be cleaned with mild soap and warm water to keep its shine. Water does nothing to the finish of the furniture but does not soak it.

Is Sheesham wood waterproof?

A wood finish that creates a waterproof layer can be applied to Sheesham to protect it from damage caused by water as well as warping caused by humid conditions. Sheesham has high moisture content and is vulnerable to damage if exposed to water. 

Which is stronger, Sheesham or teak?

If we compare Sheesham to teak, then teak is more powerful than Sheesham. It is even heavier than Sheesham. But still, people prefer Sheesham wood.

Does Sheesham wood scratch easily?

Sheesham wood has interlocking grains, making it exceedingly durable and tough. It is difficult to scratch Sheesham wood.