Top 3D Animation Freelancers to Hire USA 2022

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Top 3D Animation Freelancers to Hire | Best 3 on Fiverr | USA 2022

sshheerraallii | Top Rated Seller | 4.9 Star Rating(342)

  • Computerized voice-overs
  • Videos can be used in multiple ways
  • Explainer Type: Infographics
  • Software effects: After Effects
  • Advertise your brand with cool animated characters
  • Super fast service, delivery within hours
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  • Send files in any format according to your request
  • Unlimited revisions and 24 hours support
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  • 100% refund if you don’t find it satisfactory
  • Voice over(Extra)
  • Explainer Type: Illustration
  • Software effects: After Effects
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Top 3D Animation Freelancers to Hire USA 2022

3D animation videos are an important digital format for conveying the right message to the audience. But what it is actually and how you can use these amazing services for your business?

So let’s start with,

What are 3D Animation Explainer Videos?

A 3D animation explainer video is just like any other video you see over the web, but a combination of animation, and 3D visuals. The designs and effects are rendered in 3D mode.

But by the fact, there’s no much difference in the end result when it comes to 2D or 3D format. Too many factors determine these points irrespective of the video format, which we’ll discuss later in this article. The idea is to identify the best format for your business.

To make the idea more clear about 3D animation videos, let’s compare them.

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Which is Best ? Comparison between 2D and 3D.

  1. In 2D animation, you will find a limited frame that defines the sequence. Whereas in 3D animation, you will feel more realistic.
  2. 2D animation allows you to see only one side of the image at a time. Whereas in 3D you can visualize the complete image.
  3. 2D animation finds great scope in normal videos like Tv shows, movies, or youtube videos. Whereas 3D one is widely used in space or medical research, animation videos, or games.
  4. In 2D videos creation software or tools like Adobe after effects, Anime studio, or Adobe flash professional are used. Whereas in the creation of 3D videos tools like Ds Max, Blender or ZBrush are used.
  5. Cartoons like bugs bunny use 2D animation videos and movies like Jurassic park makes use of 3D effects.

Pros and Cons of 3D Animation Videos (Top 3D Animation Freelancers to Hire)


  • Great options for amazing visual effects.
  • It gives you a feel of the real world. You don’t need to draw each frame, This provides a quick animation process.
  • An impressive way to convey your message or product information.
  • The information that’s difficult to explain in 2D format is much convenient and effective in 3D one. 3D animation makes it possible to view the product of mechanical parts from every angle. Making it more clear for the user.


  • The first disadvantage is the cost. 3D animation videos are not economical in comparison with 2D animation.
  • It’s more complex to design. You need to put realistic effects and characters and animate them to give real-world effect. All this takes time and is a complicated process.
  • Less flexible in terms of revision or changes.

When to use 3D Animation Video?

 3D animation video best works when there’s something to explain. For example, you have some complex products full of specifications and mechanical parts. And you want to show every aspect of its design, interior, exterior, and how it works? Then 3D will be the best choice.

Ultimately your aim is to explain your product in the simplest way possible to the user. How it would feel or look when holding in reality. How its features will look from every possible angle? It’s possible with the use of 3D effects.

All the above factors will be missing in 2D animation and it can provide only basic visuals to any technical gadget. Making the visualization of the interior a more complicated task and it’s still less impressive than 3D animation video. If you are 100% sure to go with 3D videos you can hire Top 3D Animation Freelancers to cover your task.

Source: Asus

Like in the above video. the internal features of the laptop can be shown effectively using the 3D animation feature. It makes the customer more confident about the product and so they can have real like experience.

Therefore if you have such a product that actually has a lot of mechanisms to show, 3D will work amazingly at this point. 

3D animation videos are quite similar when it comes to user-friendly marketing. Like you have some sort of kids product or even some different category product, you need to make the pitch in an attention-grabbing way. 

Source: Vodafone

Like you must have seen this video by Vodafone posted a few years back. Here the idea about the calling plan is explained using some cartoon form. This catches the attention of the audience as well as conveys the message.

What Factors to Consider Before Creating 3D Animation Video

The first factor is the,

Sharing of message

Be it any form of video or advertisement but if it fails to convey the message then there’s no benefit of creating it.

“Message is the master of all”

It doesn’t matter how you create your video (2d /3d) if it doesn’t share the solid sales or respective message it is worthless. Therefore, making your message reach the wide and right audience is the major factor to consider while designing videos. 

The fact is 3D videos have new energy, power, and feel in them which depicts the right emotion and information. But there’s one more fact that some of the world tech giants don’t make wide use of 3D effects to share information. The idea is to embed the right form of content based on your requirements. 

The second factor is the,


After creating a super targeted and powerful message, the next thing to focus on is the execution. Will you ever buy great wafers delivered in low, cheap packing? The answer will be ‘No’. Have you ever visited a site with amazing discounts but a confusing home page, full of images or ads? You will, but quickly bounce back out of that site. 

The same happens with the video. Even if your product is good, the message is great, but delivered in low quality and uninteresting format. This eventually will not bring you desired results. 

So to make your 3D animation videos look appealing, don’t use cheap tools and software to save a bit of money. What you can do is, hire Top 3D Animation Freelancers from freelancing sites. There are super talented and expert 3D animation video creators that will make your work easier with interesting marketing videos. So check out above listed freelancers with high ratings and great work profiles.

In conclusion: Top 3D Animation Freelancers to Hire

In this article, we have gone through the importance and need of 3D animation videos in this growing digital world. What are the Top 3D Animation Freelancers to Hire? Few pros and cons of 3D animation videos and their comparison with 2D. The conclusion is 3D animation videos are the future based on user experience and requirements. But in the end, you need to figure out whether 3D videos will be best for you or 2D will work out perfectly. It’s more important to observe the need of your business rather than just focusing on the advancement.

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