5 Best Online Freelancing Demanding Skills USA 2022

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Freelancing sometimes seems to be a fascinating word or sometimes a bit confusing. Most of the time we get confused between the skills that we have and the ones in demand. Freelancing is of great advantage when you want to earn something extra or even work as a full-time freelancer. It has great relevancy in the coming future. Therefore in this article, we’ll discuss the 5 best online freelancing demanding skills. 

To keep it easy and short we have listed some most demanding 5 skills which you can master for your freelancing career.

5 Best Online Freelancing Demanding Skills 

Internet research

The first skill that’s most in-demand is the ability to research online. Yes doing Internet research. Internet research is not about searching for movies or free online games, it’s more about the data involved. The Internet has a huge amount of data of users from across the world. You might have read about a very popular field “data analytics“.

Internet research is getting more advanced in the marketing industry or eCommerce industry. Therefore if you have these skills you can grow much better in freelancing work as the demand is super high. Internet research has different fields and consists of analyzing through large volumes of data.

Extracting the required information and creating content and reports that are more effective and accurate for the people. Basically, marketers working on websites need relevant data for designing a content strategy for targeted marketing.  

Also, Internet research skills help in measuring results, site visitors, and numerous metrics.

According to  zippia.com, an internet researcher in the USA earns an average salary of $55,104 per year. Few top experts earn about $80,000 per year.


Web Designing

Have you visited any shopping sites in recent days? I’m sure you have. Be it a small business, big company, or even an individual offering services, everyone needs online recognition. The significance for an online is changing an internet isolated business will have to suffer.

Therefore the need for a user-friendly website is quite an urgent task. That’s why they need for good web designers is increasing like anything. In comparison to all the 5 Best Online Freelancing Demanding Skills in this article, this is the perfect one for people interested in tech-designing-marketing stuff.

The best part is this skill will never get old, as getting a domain name, and tools for the website are quite cheap. So people will tend more towards building a great site.  

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Apart from business websites, or offering freelance services, one can design their site for affiliate marketing, blog, or portfolio site. 

According to glassdoor.com, on average freelance web designer makes $78,221 per year in the United States. 


Consulting someone can be one of the toughest jobs ever. You’ll need a lot of experience in the respective sector to provide some sort of advice to your clients. Many professionals earn a good amount from consulting in their extra time. Some of them has left their job to become a freelance consultant. It offers more flexibility and perfect use of time for earning some extra cash.

If you are a professional you can offer consulting in the field of business, financial, IT, legal, marketing, social media, human resource, and many more. In the fast-moving world, people often face confusion, lack of advice in professional fields. At the moment they often consider consultants. 

Some big companies used to hire consultants for their marketing or finance management. Instead of putting someone permanently, these MNCs tend to hire freelancers. This reduces their extra cost of salary and you can get freelancers based on their customer reviews and ratings. 

On average a freelance consultant’s charge depends upon the industry. Consultant charges from different industries:

  • Restaurant consultation – $30$ to $100 per hour. For long projects, they can charge between $500 to $5000
  • Marketing consultation – $100 per hour average charges
  • HR consultant – $142.38 per hour average charges
  • Tax consultant – $273 for preparing tax return. Specialized consultants charge around $200 per hour.

Video Editing

5 Best Online Freelancing Demanding Skills
Source: Upwork

In the above images, you’ll find the charges of top video editor freelancers and the demand for them in the industry. As already said above, businesses are moving to digital space and this opens the door for newly skilled guys. Video is a major source of sharing information and you can already analyze the growth of youtube in recent years. 

Shooting a video is a tough task but editing and putting more stars to it is the toughest. Good video editing skills require great patience and years. The best part is the industries are in high demand of great video editors, maybe full-time or freelancers.

The video format is the highest watched form of content. Now people often feel lazy to read out the content so they prefer videos instead. Video editing can be an awesome skill that can pay you handsome money. 

5 Best Online Freelancing Demanding Skills
Source: Google

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, video editors’ employment will grow to 22% in the US during the year 2019–2028. The major employment opportunities will be in Los Angeles and New York. 

On average beginner freelance video editor charges between $25-$45. An advanced one charges between $45-$60 and an expert one around $100.  

Last but not least, the skill we have is

Content Writer

Another great skill that is in demand is content writing. Having great writing skills is not enough. Great English fluency, skills for research on facts, news, and a touch of great knowledge are what make a person a content writer. 

Be it any platform, there’s a need for a content writer. Over the website, you’ll need blogs, on social media you will need catchy captions, in videos you’ll need headlines or scripts. The content writer always rotates around the digital industry. The best part you can find is it’s a super trendy skill like video editing. Content writing appears simple and easy but an actual professional needs to have sharp skills for it.

On the other side, there’s no doubt a content writing freelance can also earn a decent amount of money. This skill is one of the best one out of 5 Best Online Freelancing Demanding Skills for me. Similarly, you can also have some favorite ones.

5 Best Online Freelancing Demanding Skills
Source: Upwork


An intermediate writer can charge $125–200 per article. For an expert, $250 will be more relevant. Also if your article requires more research, analysis of facts, and data and is much longer you can go up to $500 and more. 

More Unique Skills apart from 5 Best Online Freelancing Demanding Skills

So these were the top 5 skills that are in demand and can boost your online freelancing career. But there’s no problem if you don’t want to master these skills and have something more unique and interesting. That will also gonna pay you more once as long as you keep practicing those. Therefore we have some more out-of-the-box skills or types of freelance professions.

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Event management
  • Chef with specific expertise
  • Tourist Guide
  • Social media management

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In Conclusion: 5 Best Online Freelancing Demanding Skills

The above are the 5 Best Online Freelancing Demanding Skills that you must master for enhancing your career in freelancing. The path of freelancing is growing every single day and with it, it’s bringing more opportunities for new skills.

All you need to do is, be aware of the demanding skills and jobs so you can work upon them for more growth. The best suggestion one can give is to master some tech skills like web design and development, some coding stuff, or data analysis. They will jump to amazing heights in the coming years. 

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