Guide on How to Promote eBook on Instagram USA 2022

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Guide on how to promote eBook on Instagram USA 2022

We are heading to a digital era and education and books are getting transformed every single day. Hundreds of e-learning platforms have evolved producing the need for eBooks. In the past few years, digital reading has grown multiple times and so has eBooks. If you aren’t aware of eBooks, they are just like your hardcopy book or printed book in digital format. This means you can have these books on your smartphones or computers. 

According to stats, the sales of eBooks have increased by 12.6% in the year 2020. Now eBooks are getting more advanced and have become an important tool or method to showcase your writings or reach a wider audience. Creating an eBook is a simple task, but what’s more confusing is, to promote it. Therefore in this article, we will discuss How to Promote eBook on Instagram USA 2022

Instagram is the fastest growing social media due to its wide entertaining features along with influencing power. People are more likely to promote their products and services on Instagram rather than actually putting out banners on city streets. 

Let’s quickly jump to the topic of the day, how to promote an eBook on Instagram USA 2021. To actually promote your eBooks on Instagram you need to follow a specific strategy. Though it’s not a defined strategy, it’s one of them.

How to Promote eBook on Instagram USA 2022

1. Creating your identity by creating a business page on Instagram

You need to differentiate your private account from your business one while promoting any sort of product. Why there is a need for a business page (account)? The easy-to-grab answer is, the business account has some more features while the personal account doesn’t have. With a business account, you can access amazing features for selling and promoting your eBooks. Moreover, there’s a strong requirement of getting connected with your target audience or customers. Therefore business page makes the process professional. 

Benefits of Business Account on Instagram ( How to Promote eBook on Instagram USA 2022

  1. More features in bio (add industry label)
  2. Post scheduling
  3. Get insights into your content
  4. Instagram shop set-up
  5. Get access to the “sponsored” option

There’s much more to the Instagram business. 

2. Profile optimization

The next step is to design your Instagram account’s profile according to your profession or product you’re selling. The IG provides features to write about you or your business in the profile section known as bio. Write the relevant details you think for promoting or advertising your eBooks. Here you can add a link to some of your eBooks or the platforms where you are selling them. This enables the audience or the viewer to directly navigate to the eBooks store. Wow! You have just got a sale. This is how your profile works.

An Instagram bio should be relatable to this. Mentioning the relevant details about your eBooks or profession makes it easy for the internet audience to learn more about you and get connected socially. 


3. Statistics Analysis

Promote eBook on Instagram
Instagram Insights

Instagram provides the statistics for your account. Stats such as when most of the audience interacted with your content. From where the majority of the audience is arriving, gender ratio, and much more. All the factors build up the strategy for perfect analysis. The IG has termed these statistics as INSIGHTS. Statistics is an important factor when you are learning How to Promote eBook on Instagram USA 2022.

Promote eBook on Instagram
Instagram Insights

You will be able to analyze the total accounts reached that include profile visits, impressions, top posts and targeted to the website. You can analyze which kind of content has performed well and how you need to modify it. Complete follower breakdown and how they viewed your profile is shown within insights. This is a short review of IG insights. Now you must be thinking about why this confusing analysis is required? The answer is for content moderation. If you didn’t know how your content is performing, how you’ll modify it and make it better for the promotion of your eBook. 

While selling out any product, the audience is definitely required to define promotional and advertising strategies.

4. Strategy Building

Now you must be wondering about strategy. What, how, and why? Well, the reason behind framing some solid strategy is because of the social media impact. To be clearer, we are selling or promoting our eBook on IG, but we aren’t alone there. There must be thousands of people doing the same stuff. The idea is not to demotivate anyone but to make them aware of the reality and working of social media. The strategy includes a few of the following factors:

  • Working on eBooks and content quality
  • User interaction
  • Profile review 
  • Advertising and engagement methods etc

You should be well clear that your IG business account is totally different from your personal page. There you don’t have to post any random selfies or photos. 

5. 30-35-35 Rule

Have you ever noticed any famous brand promoting their content? Do they always promote their products? No. To reach a wider audience and make them aware genuinely of your eBook you need to make the content they are searching for. The above rule deals with the same idea.

Don’t always put the same promotional, boring stuff in front of the viewer. According to this rule, don’t always promote content; rather build an interesting profile that drives traffic and sales for your eBooks. Therefore the content posting is divided into three forms: brand, entertainment, and educational. Post not more than 30% of brand or eBooks-related content, 35% of educational, and 35% entertainment. This will engage your audience with your content in a more effective way and will increase your reach.

6. Provide actual content

Nowadays people over social media are actually fed up with stock images. They need something real that is too valuable. So instead of sharing stock photos, try posting right out of your phone. Make the content posting as simple as you can along with basic editing. If you want some filters on the images, you can add that too.

The more real the content is the more worth and trust you will build for the promotion of your eBook. If you think that promoting an eBook has everything digital and there’s nothing clickable, then you can share some thoughts of your own. Educate people and provide enough information in form of basic designer images, reel, and IG stories. 

7. Maintaining consistency

When it comes to regular updating with the content most of us lacks. Maybe it’s due to lack of content or valuable content, expecting too early or some of the other reasons. The fact lies there, right in the consistency. Social media like Instagram or any other platform works on a certain algorithm and content updating and posting is one of the factors.

You need to analyze the schedule of posting content. Her insights come into play which tells you about your content graph. By this, you need to modify the posting of posts, stories, or live streaming. This reduces the overburden of content production and its management. Moreover posting according to your insights will be more effective and fruitful.

8. Collaboration, sponsorships, and live streaming

Well, it sounds too fascinating while you have just started with the promotion of your eBook. Basically, collaboration refers to tie-ups we do with similar IG accounts or indirectly related. For example, a tech reviewer collaborates with a Smartphone manufacturing company. Similarly, when you are into the promotion of your eBooks you can collaborate with people who are writers, authors, or publishers.

You can also collaborate with accounts involved in selling digital products or even eBooks. This will be a win-win situation from both ends. On the other part, there’s live streaming, which has evolved to great heights in recent years. People representing different brands or of the same domain used to conversate over live streaming.

This is one of the best ways to reach a wide number of people and make them educate about your content and profession and learn How to Promote eBook on Instagram USA 2022.

According to stats, engagement in influencer marketing has increased due to living video streaming as compared to previous years. Also, 80% of marketers noticed growth in their content with the use of videos.

People tend to watch more than reading. Therefore coming out with watchable content like reels, short videos or live streaming can be a great step from a promotional perspective. 

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Conclusion for How to Promote eBook on Instagram USA 2021

In this article, we have gone through complete steps from setting up your business account to collaboration with people. Learning the art of selling and promotion using current great resources is widely required and should be implemented as well. We hope you liked the article and do let us know below in the comments for any queries and suggestions.

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