Which Chimney Is Best With Auto Clean

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  • Brand: Elica
  • Annual energy consumption: 160 watts
  • Noise level: 58 dB
  • Voltage: 220 volts
  • Material: Stainless-steel
  • Item weight: 20kg
  • Item dimensions:  90 x 94.5 x 45.5 Centimeters

Which Chimney Is Best With Auto Clean? Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr (EFL-S901 HAC VMS) is the best auto clean chimney.

Which Chimney Is Best With Auto Clean? Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr (EFL-S901 HAC VMS) is the best auto clean chimney. We will discuss the auto clean chimney in this article, whether it’s a good or a bad thing to have one on your chimney. This article will be very informative and full of knowledge. This will surely clear all your doubts about the auto clean chimney.

Several of you have been wondering whether auto clean chimneys are good or not. Don’t worry, we will clarify all your doubts. But before we do that, let’s explain what an auto clean chimney is good for.

So, let’s get started


Filterless technology:- A sealed motor ensures that oil deposits and water vapors are not able to affect the smooth operation of the Elica Filterless Kitchen Hood. The chimney has a motor field that ensures the motor’s longevity. This ensures that smoke and odor are efficiently expelled from the kitchen.

Touch control panel:- A beautiful kitchen chimney is the EFL-S901 HAC VMS Kitchen Chimney. It features a touch control that will give you easy access to all the features of your chimney, so you can clean it without hassle. A beautiful kitchen chimney is the EFL-S901 HAC VMS Kitchen Chimney. It features a touch control that will give you easy access to all the features of your chimney, so you can clean it without hassle.

Heat auto-clean:- Advanced with Heat Auto Clean Technology that takes care of the issue of cleaning your chimney with the press of a button. Heat auto clean technology utilizes a warming component to dispose of the sticky oil particles inside the stack and gather them in the oil gatherer set right underneath.

Motion sensor:- A simple wave of your hand allows you to control the EFL-S901 HAC VMS with its motion-sensing technology. If you wave your hand toward the right, the chimney will turn on and continue to increase in speed. If you wave towards the left, it will decrease in speed until it turns off.

These are the amazing features of the Elica chimney and the features that they’re giving are amazing because, in this segment, you’re getting many benefits and features. So, you should consider this if you’re looking for a chimney. Read more about Elica chimney

Is an auto clean chimney worth buying?

Every household owns a chimney, so we understand its necessity. However, many of you are still hesitant to make a decision regarding, if an auto clean chimney is effective or not. One thing that is very important to have in your home is the air purification system because it helps to remove the dirt and odors from your beautiful home. This device has many benefits, and we will discuss them with you to help you understand whether you should buy it. 

Benefits of the best auto clean chimney?

There are “N” numbers of benefits of chimneys which we are going to discuss in this blog.

It helps to recycle the air:- A kitchen ductless chimney works by purifying stale air entering the chimney and passing it through charcoal filters back into the kitchen. A smart move for a smart household!

Removes unwanted smell:- The modular kitchen you have attached to your living room must be equipped with a chimney so that your guests do not get disturbed by the smell of your food. The chimney keeps raw food and vegetables from escaping the kitchen, removing odor from the air. 

Keep your kitchen Oil-free:- A lot of the kitchen is generally slick and includes a lot of frying. Did you have at least some idea that the exhaust which emerges from the cooking additionally contains oil particles promoting the formation of grime? A fireplace regularly sucks in the oil and keeps it from adhering to the dividers, accordingly keeping up with the neatness and life span of the stylistic theme. Likewise, this implies lesser cleaning in the kitchen!

It works silently:- Today’s chimneys can operate silently and without producing any noise. You can now listen to your favorite music while they are working. Without an exhaust fan whirring in the background you can cook without being bothered by the sound of an exhaust fan while cooking.

An appliance such as a chimney would be a must-have in any modern kitchen. Making the investment would be a wise one since it would work efficiently for a long time with little or no maintenance needed. 

Should you buy it or not?

Well, we went over the features of Elica auto clean chimneys, and we explained the benefits of chimneys, as well. So, we went over everything in this article that will assist you to buy a dishwasher.

As we have mentioned, it will be beneficial to you whether you buy an auto clean chimney or not. However, it is up to you whether you decide to buy this appliance. If you like this information, please share it with your friends and family so they can buy a good auto clean chimney as well.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which chimney is best: Faber or Elica?

Well, both are good, But Elica gives noise-free chimneys and it is less expensive than Faber. Whereas Fabre is a reliable option for you. But it is up to you which brand you like and which chimney you want to use.

Which chimney is best with auto clean?

There are so many chimney brands available in the market that are providing auto-clean technology. But if you’re looking for a less expensive option then Elica would be the best option for you.

Which chimney is better: Auto clean or baffle filter?

A chimney with baffle filters is more efficient than a chimney without one. An auto-clean chimney is easier to clean than a chimney in need of manual effort. So, you can go for a baffle filter chimney. It is a better option.

Which chimney is best with filter or filterless?

Filter chimneys are always the best option as compared to filterless chimneys. Filter chimneys help to block the heavy oil particles from entering the chimney and getting stuck inside it.

Which type of chimney is better?

Well, all the chimneys are good for you whether you go for ducted chimneys or ductless chimneys, It is completely your decision, you can go with anyone.