4-Apps with White Label, Reseller Rights Software Package on Jvzoo USA 2021

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4-Apps with White Label, Reseller Rights Software Package on Jvzoo USA 2021 | 100% Profit | Learn More

white label reseller apps only for $67
4 Incredible Apps – Resell Rights – WHITE LABEL

standards apps at a price of 1. These 4 battle-tested apps come with white label and resell rights. In this blog, you are going to know about the white-label software package, which are the 4-apps that come under this package, how and when can you get these 4 battle-tested apps for the price of 1.

  1. MyVirtualTours
  2. Videomatic
  3. Videoz Agency
  4. Easy Banners Pro

Read this blog till the end and let’s get to these 4 incredible apps right away.

The 4-apps that comes under this white label reseller software package are:-

1. MyVirtualTours

2. Videomatic

3. Videoz Agency

4. Easy Banners Pro

This white label reseller software package USA 2021, is perfect for Video marketers, Agencies, Local marketers, Online marketers, Bloggers, Freelancers, Coaches & consultants, and Business opportunity seekers.  

Let’s talk about pricing before we go further.  MyVirtualTours will cost you around 54$, Videomatic will cost you around 27$, Videoz Agency will cost you around 41$, Easy Banner Pro will also cost you around xx$(release on 14th June). Moreover, you will end up paying more than 150$(approx) if you want all 4. However, still, you will not get any reseller white label rights.

Now here’s the phenomenal offer for you guys, You can get these 4 mind-boggling agency standards apps at only 67$. Moreover, the cherry on the cake is you also get resell rights and white label rights. This No-Brainer offer is going to be live on 14th June at 11 AM EST. 

It’s the first-ever white label offer on Jvzoo. It’s the monster value offer, what more you can expect for a small amount of 67$. There’s no doubt about the support you will get once you have purchased this white label software package. These 4-apps have been on Jvzoo for like 2 years. And they are performing outstandingly. These apps always hold their position in the top 3 in best-selling categories on Jvzoo.

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Although everyone knows about all 3 apps as they are quite popular but here is a glimpse of each app. Get a better overview of each app before you checkout. Let’s start with

1. MyVirtualTours (white label reseller)

It’s the next-generation online virtual tour builder. You can combine the power of virtual tours and zoom-like video calls for the first time. Engage & close prospects via live chat during the virtual tour. Endless features packed with this awesome software. Have a look at them

Myvirtualtours White label reseller
Myvirtualtours White label reseller

  • Live Video Call Technology
  • Live Screen Share
  • Custom Hotspot Icons
  • Intuitive & Easy User interface
  • Floor Plan Upload
  • Lead Generation Popup
  • Background Sound
  • Analytics (Google, Facebook)
  • Embed Codes
  • Export Projects For Clients
  • Team Members Collaboration

  • 1 Click To Live Tour Install
  • 1 Click Social Sharing
  • Add Voice Overs Your Tours
  • Massive Stock Images Collection
  • Massive Stock Videos Collection
  • Audio Tracks & Clips Collection
  • All Major Autoresponders Integrated
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Reddit
  • Clone Projects
  • Works with any 360 camera
  • Works with 360 Smartphone Images
  • Automatic Rotation Tour
  • Cloud-Based
  • Nothing To Download
  • Reseller Admin Panel
  • Full Whitelabel Panel
  • Exclusive Bonuses

Seamlessly Create 360 Virtual Tours In Few Minutes (reseller & white label rights)

Wondering about the expensive camera setup required for creating 360 virtual tours. Cheer up you can make seamless 360 virtual tours with just your mobile phone. You don’t even need 360 photos, you can use normal photos of your stores, real estate properties, spas, and other physical spaces.

Ultra-fast Rendering

All MyVirtualTour accounts are hosted on high-speed servers for quick video creation. Once you purchase the software you will need to create an account on their servers. Your videos will render with lightning-fast speed as you don’t have to install or update anything on your system ever. All your tools are available with a single, easy-to-use dashboard. You can access them with a secure login with any web browser.

24×7 Premium Support (reseller & white label rights)

Anything can wait except your business, you may lose a big chunk of money if your business doesn’t get expert support when needed. Certainly, you will never feel a lack of support for your business enterprise once you get your hands on this software.

1-click autoresponder integration

Needless to say, here you can integrate autoresponders in just 1 click. Be it Mailchimp, Convertkit, Markethero, or any other platform, you can integrate it easily.

Where You Can Use This Software?

No matter how amazing the software is, but where you can use this? Well, there are endless uses of this software.

Real state

Any real estate, for instance, Spas, Restaurants, Gyms &, etc, make a 360 virtual tour and send it right to your clients.

Not only you can send it to your clients you can have a zoom video call along with the 360 virtual tours where you can showcase the real estate as you would do in person. You can show 2 or more real estate simultaneously to your client in few minutes even if they are miles apart. Thanks to this amazing software.

Ecommerce store

Increase your sales to a massive level by showcasing 3D virtual images/videos of your products.


Bring back the interest of students to class by using VR learning in the classroom. Like videos of planets, solar systems, and more complex geographical things like volcano eruptions, tsunami, and a lot more.


Customers can now view the specification of a car in exact matrices, They can move in/out and around the vehicle by MyVirtualTours software.

There are many more uses of this software like in architecture. So, say goodbye to unnecessary software, expensive video creators, installing or updating anything, poor engagement, low conversions, and clickthrough rates.

You can buy this software along with the commercial license for 97$ (monthly value) for a limited time only. The price will jump significantly – likely to a recurring $197 EVERY MONTH. But why would you buy this single software for 97$ when you can have all 4 for just 67$ with reseller white label rights.

2. Videomatic (white label reseller)

This software is based on interactive video technology. Interactive videos convert 3x more than ordinary videos. With clickable hotspots, buttons, forums, and more, interactive video eliminates the traditional barrier to access. The makers have taken significant time in testing this software, and finally, after spending thousands of dollars and endless hours they come up with this beast.

Videomatic 4-apps with reseller rights only for 67$
Videomatic 4-apps with reseller rights

Videomatic is the only software, that you need to convert your ordinary boring videos into interactive videos. Your conversion rate is going to increase massively with Videomatic Interactive videos.

If interactive videos are so good at generating leads then why does not everyone uses them? The reason behind this is the complexity of time and features involved in creating engaging videos. A decent interactive video can take sufficient time even for professionals.

Now there’s a new way of creating these lead-generating videos by Videomatic. Videomatic is powered by futuristic BDRM (behavioral dynamic response marketing technology). Enjoy more leads, sales & profits than ever before with BDRM.

Let’s talk about pricing before we dig deep into it. You can buy the commercial license of this amazing app for only 27$. Of course without resell rights and white label. That’s why we are giving more stress for buying all 4-apps for 67$ with white label reseller rights.

Some great features of Videomatic other than reseller and white label rights:-

A powerful call to action video (white label reseller)

Make your videos interactive with clickable hotspots, buttons, and much more.

Engaging videos

Interact with your viewers by engaging them in polls, MCQ’s and quizzes right in your videos. Add buy button, images, message, opt-in form with just a click. You can embed your code as well. Add google analytics and Facebook pixels with your videos for better analysis of your campaign.

Email list

Built a massive email list by using in-video opt-in form technology. You can also connect any auto-responder to built an automated list.

Works with any video

Videomatic can transform any ordinary video into a sales-generating one. Videomatic fluently works with any edited video, whether the video being edited on Filmora, Final Cut Pro, or any others software.

No competition (white label reseller)

With the latest features like time-delay callout slides, text overlay, logo watermarks, superimpose images, in-video file downloads, maps, and a whole lot more! You are going to crush down the competition. 

Free video hosting

All your videos will be hosted on super-fast cloud servers. As soon as you upload the video, you get an embed code and a sharable link through which you can share your mind-blowing interactive video on all social platforms.

100% newbie friendly

Even a child can make super interactive videos by using Videomatic. Cloud-based and no technical knowledge or experience required. Easy drag and drop.

3. Videoz Agency (white label reseller)

This app is quite similar to Videomatic but the change is it’s built exclusively for agencies. It’s the first-ever video builder created for agencies. Create jaw-dropping professional videos for your clients (local marketers) without any marketing skills, budget, or technical knowledge & experience. Create an amazing lead-generating video in just 3-steps with the Videoz Agency app.

Videoz Agency White Label 4 apps
Videoz Agency White Label 4 apps

Pick  template > Customize a call to action > sell.

Let’s talk about the pricing before we discuss more this wonderful app. You can get a Videoz Agency app commercial license for only 41$. Of course no resell rights and white label rights are there. But why buy only 1 app for 41$ when you can have 4-apps for just 67$ along with their resellers white label rights.

Here’s Why Marketers & Entrepreneurs Love VideoZ Agency

Choose From Dozens Of Templates (white label reseller)

Save your time and focus on your clients more, choose from hundreds of professionally build templates. Every template has its voice-over and music. You can remove edit or add music and voiceovers accordingly.

In conclusion, you not only save money on video but also voice-overs. A sales or a lead converting video requires a lot of research, time, and money. even a professional can take upto several days and charge upto 1000$ for just 1 sales video.

Professional Branding For Businesses

Videoz Agency built-in templates give you the freedom to add your client’s logos and messages and make changes to them. Simply add your client’s logo, tagline, call to action and your studio-grade video is ready to reach a million views.

It’s that simple for you to make a professional-quality video with the Videoz Agency app.

Done-For-You Video Specifications ( reseller white label )

In many apps, there’s a common problem that you have to make a video with the different specifications for different social media. It’s not the case with the Videoz Agency app, just choose a template and you can see different dimensions of that video altogether. Simple drag and drop and you are ready to conquer all social media with your studio-grade video.

Optimized For Mobile Advertising

More than 80% of your audience uses their mobile phone to watch your videos, that’s why every template in Videoz Agency is 100% mobile optimized.

Save Your Money

Videoz agency will not only save you money but will also it for you. As you can list yourself as a freelancer on Fiverr, Upwork, skillshare, and offer your studio-grade video service and earn a handsome amount of money.  

 4. Easy Banners Pro (white label reseller)

Now, this is the brand new app which is going to be launch on 14th June at 11 AM EST. This app is going to be on sale along with the other 3 apps. No one has access to this amazing app yet as it’s getting launch for the first time. The icing on the cake is you’ll also get white label reseller rights for this app if you buy all 4-apps altogether.

Easy Banners Pro (4-apps with white label and reseller rights)
Easy Banners Pro (4-apps with white label and reseller rights)

Let’s get straight to the Easy Banners Pro app (white label reseller):-

This app is particularly designed to make banners. For instance, it allows you to create graphics, google banners, banner ads, Facebook ads banners, in a nice easy way where you just make one banner and all of the dimensions gonna change in real-time. They have animated banners and all the good stuff that you can think of.

Although it’s a brand new app and there’s not much to say about this but it is from the makers of the other 3-apps which are performing amazing since the time of release. These 3-apps have always been in the top 3 best-selling apps on Jvzoo. So you can expect Easy banners pro to be such another app that has 24×7 support, is easy to use and understand, and may help you in reducing your ad cost and increase your conversion rates, and puts massive growth. Finger cross for Easy Banners Pro.   

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