ADA Compliance Software For Websites In USA 2022

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ADA Compliance Software For Websites USA 2022 | One Time Fee | Get Instant Access Now

‘All-In-One’ Software Improves Your Websites & Client’s Websites Accessibility In Minutes For ADA & WCAG Compliance. Now websites have to be ADA compliant so that Differently-abled can enjoy the benefits of the digital era. For instance, online shopping, learning new stuff, online education, etc. Websites that are not ADA compliant can be sued and have to pay from 1000$ to 20,000$ as compensation. Through ADA bundled software you can make your and your client’s website ADA compliance in few minutes.  

This ADA & WCAJ compliance has become a necessity for all the websites present in the USA in 2021. Web agencies charge tons of dollars to make your website ADA compliant and take a significant amount of time in doing so. Now you can do this on your own in just a few clicks with ADA Bundle software. You can also make your client’s website ADA compliance and charge upto 1000$ per website. Moreover, ADA bundle software serves this purpose and makes your way to an unlimited source of income. 

This amazing software has been launched on 19th June 2021 at 11 am EST. Must be worried about the cost of this ADA Bundle software?. You can avail this mind-boggling software for only $47

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990)

We are fortunate enough to Have good physical and mental health, But not everyone got lucky. Some of us have to live their life with disabilities. For instance, epilepsy, paralysis, mental retardation, learning disability, etc. These people’s lives are full of challenges. In short, they had been discriminated against on daily basis with their already difficult life. 

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So to cure this, ADA (American with Disabilities Act) came into effect in 1990 in the USA. ADA is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability. Till now this act prohibits any discrimination for differently-abled in the education field, transportation, employment, public accommodation, etc. But there have been several amendments in the ADA act in past years that made a significant impact on today’s digital world. Now, websites have to be ADA compliant Failing to which can lead to lawsuits. 

Read this blog till the end to get a complete overview of ADA Bundle software. 

ADA in News (why Ada compliance software is necessary)

ADA (American with disabilities act) requires websites to become compliant for Differently abled. Certainly, the Supreme court has clearly stated that web content should be accessible to blind, deaf, and those who must navigate by voice, screen readers, or other assistive technologies. If you still thinking of ADA as fluff then here’s a myth buster. More than 10,000 websites are sued in 2020 alone for non-compliance. These Numbers are going to hit 100k in 2022. That’s the reason we are saying ADA compliance is mandatory for websites running in the USA in 2021. Read more…

What You Get In ADA Compliance Bundle Software

Readable Experience Accessibility Features

  • Content scaling 
  • Readability font 
  • Dyslexia Friendly 
  • Highlight titles & links 
  • Text magnifier 
  • Font sizing, Line weight & Letter spacing 
  • Text alignment 

Visual Pleasing Experience Accessibility Features

  • Epilepsy safe mode 
  • Cognitive Disability Mode 
  • ADHD Friendly Mode 
  • Blindness Mode 
  • Visually Impaired Mode 

Software Includes Accessibility Mode Features For Ada Compliance

  • Dark & Light contrast 
  • Monochrome 
  • High & Low saturation 
  • High contrast 
  • Text & Title colour 
  • Background colour 

Easy Orientation Experience Accessibility Features

  • Mute sounds 
  • Hide images 
  • Virtual keyboards 
  • Stop animations 
  • Highlight hover & focus 
  • Big black & white cursor 
  • Reading guide 
  • Keyboard navigation 
  • Reading mask 
  • Text to speech 

Website Accessibility & ADA Compliance Audit Software

This is an amazing feature of ADA Bundle software, through this you can run a website audit for your clients. You can audit your clients’ website in just a few steps and you can charge them for this. Your clients don’t have a choice but to pay you if their website turns out to be non-compliance. 

Generate Professional Compliance Reports

Through this smart feature of ADA bundle software, you can generate agency standard ADA compliance reports for any website in few steps. Perform a simple audit of your client’s website and send them reports alongside your proposal. Certainly, this feature can work as a lead magnet for you.  

Robust Lead Finder Engine & Business Search Available In Ada compliance Bundle Software

you can perform audits, make agency standard ADA compliance reports for your clients, and whatnot. But how are you going to find clients? 

Well to help you in this scenario, the Lead finder search feature is ready to serve you. This feature will help you find some crucial things that are required. For instance, Get detailed info like site URL, email address, phone number, etc. You just need to search for any business/niche. 

Accessibility Policy Statement Creator

This is more like a security feature for your and your clients’ websites. Above all, it is mandatory for compliance requirements. Moreover, it gives a glimpse of your website compliance to your visitors. Moreover,  it protects you from incessant lawsuits. 

ADA Compliance Software Widget Is Used By Top Brands 

Special Bonus

With the ADA bundle, you get tons of accessibility and compliance features and get training from experts in your fields. Therefore, there’s a step-by-step training program through which you can upscale your clients list and start closing clients from day one.  


In this blog, we have discussed how important it is for websites to be compliant with ADA in USA 2021. Technically you can use this necessity as an opportunity to earn money. You can audit your and your client’s websites and charge them accordingly. We have also discussed some wonderful features of this Ada compliance software. For instance, web accessibility tools, generate reports, lead finder and etc. So, all the very best for your future endeavors.

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