Best Opensource Software for Call Center USA 2022

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Best Opensource Software for Call Center USA 2022

What is a call center software solution?

Call center software makes the working of thousands of call centers convenient. Now customers can reach out to the company help desk via audio call, emails, or live chat. This has become possible because of software solutions. They make the experience enhanced and easy for both: customers and call center agents. 

Opensource software for the call centers enables the agent to record calls, manage the data, have an automated call system and numerous features. Therefore in this article will discuss opensource software for call centers in the USA in 2022 and the benefits of using it. 

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Opensource Software for Call Center for USA in 2022


Best Opensource Software for Call Center USA 2022

Bitrix24 is open-source software for management and communication. Through this software, you can manage your files, contacts, messages, and projects. There is a wide scope of features one can get with this tool. You can simply start with this tool by registering over the platform and creating an account. You can invite your teammates over this so that all the activity can be tracked and observed. 

The major use of Bitrix24 is in CRM, planning, sales management, project management, and file sharing. The best part is you can have a mobile setup of the software for android or iPhone.


  • Collaboration tools
  • Permission management
  • Control accessibility
  • Billing and invoice generation
  • Management of templates
  • Document management, Employee management
  • Mobile sync, Email integration
  • Drag and drop usability interface
  • Real-time activity 
  • Gantt charts
  • Planning of projects
  • Workflow management
  • Activity management and tracking


  • Free Trial
  • 24$ per month with 2 users access

Check for full pricing 


Best Opensource Software for Call Center USA 2022

VICIdial is open-source software for call centers. It is one of the popular software for call handling. It allows handling inbound, outbound, and blended call handling. The operators can also use it from any location while sitting remotely. It is a cloud-based software for small to large-scale call centers. It works over skill-based routing and queue prioritization which takes care that customer calls reach the agent with the best support.


  • During a call, there can be more than 3 customers/parties
  • Activity tracking 
  • Call activity analysis
  • Auto rescheduling of calls
  • Automatic recording start/stop
  • Call sharing with different agents in real-time
  • Live chat
  • Workforce management
  • MySQL-compatible database
  • Data reports at real-time
  • SMS integration
  • Unlimited accounts of manager and agent
  • Virtual call center
  • Tools for TCPA, TSR, FCC, FTC, OFCOM etc.


400$ per server per month -hosting fees


Best Opensource Software for Call Center USA 2022

Ekiga is quite popular across the globe for its softphone, instant messaging, and video conferencing features. It supports HD sound quality.

It has multiple usable features with be an honest user-friendly interface. And you will also get a SIP address, that too free of cost.


  • Multi-platform tool. That is, can be used on Linux as well as on Windows
  • Modern GUI makes it easy to operate
  • Free audio and video call using the internet
  • HD sound quality 
  • Cell phone SMS
  • Call monitoring
  • Basic call features like call hold, transfer, forwarding etc.
  • Makes use of the standards for telephony protocols (SIP and H.323)
  • Local address support
  • Echo cancellation


Reach out to the official site for price features


The phone is a voice-over-internet(VoIP) system with web-based operation as well as on-premise. It is mostly suitable for healthcare, telecommunication, and manufacturing industries to operate via text messages and audio/video call with clients. Linphone users can receive incoming calls, messages, and notifications.


  • HD video call with preview system
  • Instant messaging
  • Enhanced audio quality that works on jitter buffer algorithm 
  • Complete secure communications
  • Manage contacts easily
  • Real-time notification
  • Management for multiple calls at a time
  • Audio conferencing with up to 8 participants
  • Intelligent searching option


14.99$ per user 


Asterisk is one such platform that works as an ideal choice for call center solutions. It is considered as the best Opensource Software for Call Center for USA 2022. It has fine management of tasks with its advanced functions to make the workflow easy and smooth. You will also get low maintenance with easy integration with other hardware. It is widely used by small or big call centers, agencies, and businesses globally. According to current data, there are more than 1 million communication systems based on the Asterisk platform. It works as a complete phone system for businesses and also operates to enhance the system. The best part is Asterisk is designed by developers for developers. 


  • Remote access
  • Different system integration
  • Management of call activities like monitoring, recording etc
  • Quality assurance call recording
  • Automatic call dialling
  • Live call transferring
  • Caller identification information before answering
  • Computer integration
  • Call distribution across the call center


595$ with a free trial

Best features of Opensource Software for Call Center USA 2022

  • Collaboration tools: Most of the software provide the feature of collaboration or integration with multiple devices for better activity management.
  • Real-time activity: Provides notification and updates for the current time to maintain the workflow. 
  • Live call transferring: It allows to best solve the customer’s query by transferring the call to a different agent or senior attendant.
  • Call monitoring: It allows to work for improvements and system upgradation.
  • Document management: Helps to manage multiple files, documents like call list or contacts data.
  • Auto rescheduling of calls
  • Workflow management
  • Allow evaluation of employees performance
  • Interactive and enhanced voice calls 

Opensource call center software benefits

  • Customer experience becomes more enhanced. It’s one of the top priority of every call center. According to data, more than 865 customers are willing to pay extra for a better customer experience.
  • More security for data safety. Call centers store huge amount of customers personal data. And due to any error or software issues, you can lose it completely. Therefore security is a major concern for call centers.
  • Multi support: Call centers are not only about the phone call. You will also be contacted through chat support or a mailing system. At this moment, great software makes it easy to accomplish and provide a smooth user experience.
  • Team feature and Activity control: Most of the software has a team feature where anyone can update their progress or track activity control. It integrates the team for features like conferencing.
  • Cost deduction: Time is a major factor for all call centers and one can’t afford to waste it for some basic jobs. The software helps to manage the complete system and gives efficiency to the employees. It helps the agent to perform according to their capabilities without downgrading.Opensource Software for Call Center in USA 2021 will help the businesses to expand more with automation power.

Final thoughts

We have gone through multiple opensource software for call center for the USA in 2022 that are really working with the best outcomes and features. Embedding software into workflow makes the process to be automated and efficient. So start selecting some amazing tools for your business.

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