Best American Male Voiceover Youthful Millennial USA 2021

Best American Male Voiceover Youthful Millennial USA 2021

  • Youthful millennial American male voiceover artist
  • Audio engineer with national and regional TV
  • An exceptional number of repeat buyers
  • Radio credits for brands such as Scion, Subway, 3M, Fender Guitars, and more.
  • Friendlyinformationalconversationalcasual, and relatable male voiceover.
  • 5-Days Delivery
  • HQ audio file (WAV format)


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Best American Male Voiceover Youthful Millennial USA 2021

About The Greg | Best American Male Voiceover Artist

Gregjohnsonvoic | Top-rated seller | (800+ ) 5-star ratings

GregjohnsGonvoic is a professional voice over artist, composer & audio engineer

  • From- United States
  • Fiverr Member since- May 2017
  • Response time- 5-hours
  • Last Delivery- 18 hours ago

“I am a voiceover artist, composer, and professional audio engineer. I have done voice work for national and regional brand campaigns for the likes of Scion, Subway, 3M, and Fender guitars.”

Greg is a full-time voice actor, He spends all day, every day recording voiceovers for scripts, Just like yours. Greg is the best American male voiceover artist. His voice is being described as youthful and conversational, which is perfect for explainer videos, commercials, E-learning, and voicemail messages. He has been recording audio for 15 years. Greg records all of their audios in a professional studio environment.

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His Fiverr gig is structured in a way that allows him to provide the best quality audio and voice delivery possible. That includes researching your brands, really getting a feel of your script and he makes sure that to truly understands your vision. His gig on Fiverr is to tell clients who value quality, professionalism, creative art that is voiceover.

So, if that sounds like you, that’s great. You can always message him if you have any questions or you can favorite his gig if you aren’t quite ready to place your order.

Points to consider before hiring the best American male voiceover artist-

If you are planning to hire a voiceover artist then there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. For instance, gender, age, style, audio file quality (WAV), and most importantly your budget. Let’s discuss them one by one before hiring someone.


Depending upon your niche and the target audience you can go with a male or a female voice-over artist. For instance, if your niche is something like beauty, makeup then probably going with a female voice for your script would be a better idea. Similarly, if you have a predominately male niche like Bank CFO’s then a male voiceover is best suited for your script.

Take a moment and imagine how a lipstick commercial will sound if it’s done with a male voice-over. It looks odd. Isn’t it? So now you know how important gender is in any voiceover.

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Age (teen, young adult, middle-aged, senior)

Age plays a significant role in every voiceover. Have you wonder why candy commercials are in energetic and young voiceovers because their target audience is children. A 45-year middle-aged voice is not going to serve the purpose here. Hence a perfect age voice can bring magic to your voiceovers.

Style (funny, casual, approachable, professional, excited, etc)

There are different styles in a voiceover. Depending upon your script, you can choose a style that will cater to your audience and niche. Greg, the best American male voiceover artist is a perfect example here. His voice is being described as youthful and it’s perfect for commercials, explainer videos, voice mails, and much more. Greg’s accent is English- American, he has an adult voice and his voice tone is Calming, Casual, Corporate, Emotional, Energetic.


What you want as a file format is also very important. If possible always ask for a WAV format, and never go with the MP3 file format. Although there’s nothing bad in MP3 it’s just that it’s a little bit degraded voice in terms of quality of voice. Once again, Greg, our voice actor nailed in this category. He delivers all his voiceovers only in WAV format.

The best part is that his delivery is quite fast as compared to other voice actors. You always get your voiceover before delivery or the expected date.

Why Greg Is The Best American Male Voiceover Artist?

Commercial rights

If you intend to use your audio/voiceover in a non-paid advertising channel, then commercial rights are all that you need. You may like to proceed without commercial rights but be ready to bear the consequences then. However, if you want to use the voiceover for your voicemail, phone, IVR system, then you don’t need any commercial rights. Certainly, Greg is always ready to provide commercial rights for your voiceovers.

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Split files and revisions

Greg splits your audio/voiceover into files (e.g for a phone system). Greg will split your audio for upto 5 files for your ease. Revision is what made Greg the best in his field, he offers revisions so that you and Greg can go back and forth to record the perfect voiceover.

However, according to the reviews you will not need more than 1 revision while working with Greg. That’s the level of perfection. Greg records every voiceover in a professional studio environment.

Greg is strictly against and doesn’t offer

  • Sexual or vulgar material
  • Audio sync to video without scratch VO
  • SFX or free music licenses

Best American Male Voiceover Actor For Hire

Greg is the perfect guy to record a youthful millennial American male voiceover. He is a man of his words and never lets you down in any scenario. Greg has an exceptional number of repeated buyers. He has got more than 800+ five-star ratings and a top-rated seller on Fiverr as well. Greg is not only professional but also prompt, he will get back to you in an hour or two.

As He believes communication is an integral part of any project/script. Greg has an experience of more than 15 years in his field and he loves what he does. These small but crucial things make Greg, the best American male voiceover artist. So, type in your word count and place your order right away and if you are not sure or have any query then do not hesitate to message Greg.