Top 3 Video Editors For Hire USA 2022

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Best Video Editors For Hire | Top 3 Editors On Fiverr | USA 2022

Crslaytor | Top Rated Seller | 5-Star Ratings (8706)

video editor on fiverr
video editor on Fiverr
  • Output and render in any file format you would like to
  • Keeping the highest possible quality at no extra cost, even 4K
  • Express service available through the gig extras, usual delivery is a few days top
  • Revisions are always included
  • Can find and use royalty-free music for you
  • Can provide a personal cloud folder where you can upload your files
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Gismoxan | Top Rated Seller | 5-Star (2796)

Video editor on fiverr
Video editor on Fiverr
  • 3-days delivery
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Advanced editing, Text, Transitions, Royalty-Free Music, Graphics, Intros,
  • Average response time 1 hour
  • An exceptional number of repeat buyer
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Czarekpiast | Top Rated Seller | 5-Star (1718)

video editor on fiverr
video editor on Fiverr
  • 3-days delivery
  • 2 revisions for the basic plan
  • Custome quote personalized for your project
  • has an exceptional number of repeat buyers
  • Visual and sound effects, well-designed titles/subtitles, shake removal, trimming, adding music, audio sync, color correction, and much more!
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How do I know when to hire a video editor?

Well, the answer to this is very subjective and it entirely depends on your needs. Are you a Youtuber? are you a marketing person who needs to edit clients’ sales videos? Moreover, you are a student who needs a video editor for a school project? A beginner who wants to edit a video but doesn’t have time and more importantly doesn’t know how to edit videos? If you fall in any of the above-mentioned categories, then this blog is absolutely for you.

Most people believe in a one-man show. They don’t hire video editors until they are sure about pursuing their careers in youtube, marketing, etc. Until then they do video editing, filming, voice-overs, and everything all on their own. But as we have mentioned earlier it’s subjective. For instance, some people hire video editors right from the get-go.

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A lot of people work a full-time job and they usually invest a portion of their paycheck in video editing. So that they could have more time in creating videos instead of editing. In short, the answer is very subjective and personal to the person.

Know your Budget

Outsourcing or video editors for hire doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. There are a lot of video editors who are way affordable than you think. Some of them are available for only 10 bucks. Price ranges can vary significantly. On websites like Fiverr, you can find a video editor for as low as $10-$15 per hour and it can go up to $100 to $1000 per hour.

It depends on the quality and type of video that you want to be edited. As we are discussing price there’s an important point to keep in mind. How you pay to video editor can also vary. You can go hourly pay or you can pay only for the final product that you’ll get at the end.

But which one is better, By hourly or by video? Now again it depends, By hourly, you are paying for the time taken in editing but by the video, you are paying for the end product. For instance, if you are a Youtuber and your frequency is 7-8 videos per month. Then you should go for by video paying method. However, if your frequency is 15-20 or more videos per month then paying for the end product will save you.

How long your videos?

If your videos are 5-10 minutes long then paying hourly makes more sense. Because short videos can be edited more easily in a short period. On the other hand, every time your videos are 20-30 minutes long, paying by video is a more suitable option. The longer your videos are the more time is required for editing as well.

Some videos are simple and require very little editing. Background music and a layer of transition are enough for some videos. But some videos are way more complex and require hours or days to prepare a short clip.

To sum up, frequency, duration, and how complex your video are the factors for a benchmark.

Doing due diligence with these video editors before you commit to hiring them on a full-time basis is important. As you not only want to know their rates and compare them but you also want to know whether or not it’s worth it.

Now to help you out what to look out for when you test out these video editors, here are a couple of things.   

  • Do they follow instructions:- when you told them to do something did they do it.
  • How often mistakes occur:-  when you told them to correct their mistake, did they listen to you? Or is it a forgivable mistake? How often do they make mistakes?
  • How much back and forth is needed:- If there are multiple back and forth meaning you constantly have to review their work, that’s also an issue. Although it’s more of your responsibility to describe to your video editor what you want in editing.
  • Do they take creative risks:- Best video editors for hire means you are investing in experts for a reason and you want to make sure that your video editor also injects their creativity into your videos. There must be a noticeable difference in terms of quality because you are not hiring experts to stay the same.

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