GoDaddy Ecommerce Hosting USA 2022

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GoDaddy Ecommerce Hosting USA 2022

The trend is becoming digital and without a website and online presence it’s quite tough to survive. At this point, hosting is one such necessary element that helps the website to get visible across the world. To be more convenient to understand, you need to buy hosting as you have bought a domain. 

According to, hosting helps to host the files of the website on a server and in return to pay the price for hosting those files. When the website is connected with the hosting, it gets accessible 27 /7 over the web. That’s how the combination of site and hosting works. So practically you need to get a subscription from one of the hosting companies out there. There are more than hundreds of web hosting companies you can think of. 

In this article we will understand about GoDaddy Ecommerce Hosting, is worth buying, comparison and details of different hostings.

Before getting directly into tech stuff lets me know,

Know about GoDaddy and its offerings?

Think of GoDaddy as a registrar. You can go and buy a domain and hosting services from GoDaddy and related services like site protection etc.

 To know more about GoDaddy: Read here 

When it comes to setting up an online business, GoDaddy is the one-stop solution for everything. It is one of the market leaders and largest domain name providers in the world. You can get domain names, different hostings, security certificates, and many more things.

Comparing globally , hosting has generated most of the revenue in United States (US$24,506m in 2021).

Source: Statista

Types of Hostings on GoDaddy 

GoDaddy has 20 hosting plans which are combined into the given categories:

HostingBest Usage
WordPress eCommerce HostingFor an online store with WooCommerce extensions
Business HostingFor eCommerce stores and high traffic sites
VPS HostingFor designers handling multiple projects
Dedicated ServerSeparate server for fast speed and high customizable
Web HostingBasic and economical plan for basic websites

GoDaddy WordPress Ecommerce Hosting

GoDaddy WordPress eCommerce hosting offers a client management tool and full functionality. This helps the seller to build a store faster and start selling items online.

GoDaddy Ecommerce Hosting USA 2022 is specifically for setting up an online store at economical rates. What features ecommerce hosting includes:

  • Build a perfect store for your clients. Get WooCommerce the most popular tool for eCommerce website.
  • Unlimited traffic and storage
  • Free SSL certificate for site protection
  • Business email – FREE for 1st year
  • Free Domain with annual plan
  • List unlimited products on your site
  • Timely backups for data safety
  • SEO optimized for better rankings
  • About 75 premium WooCommerce extensions and easy setup
  • Automatic updates and daily malware scans.
  • No transaction fees
  • Concurrent processes allowed – PHP: 30 MySQL: 24
  • Yoast SEO plugin
  • CDN 
  • Free premium woocommerce themes for setting up store

The complete kit lets you start your online business and initiates it much faster with complete features and management.

The woocommerce in GoDaddy WordPress Ecommerce Hosting provides you with a complete advantage to sell anywhere across the world. You can list a different variety of products whether physical or digital.

The prime feature of this hosting is the free WooCommerce extensions,

  • Add to cart and check out
  • Payments
  • Shipping
  • Marketing
  • Services and many more super extensions

GoDaddy WordPress Ecommerce Hosting USA 2022 will make your store secure from unauthorized access and malware by daily safety scans. It offers edge security for the smooth running of the site.

How to choose Web Hosting?

Selecting the right hosting plan is super important and you should calculate some of the factors,

  • Traffic your site is estimated to get. Selecting proper bandwidth will prevent your site from going offline.
  • Which hosting offers the best customer support.
  • Expansion feature 
  • Uptime and reliability

Hosting is one of the important parts of running an online business or site. Therefore least chances should be there in its flaw. An imperfect web hosting can cost you your site’s security and data.

In 2018, the web hosting market globally was worth around 90.6 billion USD. According to reports, it will grow to $216 billion by 2025.

Is it worthed getting GoDaddy Ecommerce Hosting?

GoDaddy is known as the largest domain provider in the world not hosting. But it has some great plans as well. If we go by reviews, some of the customers found flaws in GoDaddy hosting like overpriced, uptime, etc. On the other hand, some customers are its fan. The super trust GoDaddy for its online solution. So it’s quite tough to put a statement that it’s worthed it or not. However, we leave it to the facts and discuss some of its pros and cons which will make the picture more clear.


Hope you have got a clear image of GoDaddy Ecommerce Hosting USA 2022. This article has gone through GoDaddy and the hostings it offers, is it worth it or not? How to select new hosting for your business and some pros and cons. It’s completely your choice to select perfect hosting according to your requirements. According to us, GoDaddy is one such platform that is for everyone.

\Whether it’s your new online store or big company GoDaddy serves everyone. You will get amazing customer support however sometimes it may lack and that’s genuine. While comparing you may find shared hosting at a lower price on other service providers where the given does not. So it’s completely up to the requirement, budget and choice of the user.

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