Best NordVPN Anti-DDoS & Double VPN Feature USA 2022

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The answer to this question is “Nord VPN“. It’s the best VPN in terms of connection speed, VPN servers, Security & support. Let’s talk about pricing, so you can secure all your data over the internet for just $3.46 per month. So technically you can stream, download your movies, web series, sports, and whatnot. All the perks of VPN at just $3.67 per month

It has got 6730+ Mbps connection speed, and it’s the only VPN that has WireGuard for top speeds. With more than 5500 VPN servers makes it stand out from its competitors. Nord VPN has also got a verified no-log policy.

As we move further into the world of the internet, the more risk there is of being attacked. There have been many cyberattacks, which have taken online browsing to a risky level. In 2020, United States has encountered, 1001 cases of a data breach. It’s fact that these numbers are regularly increasing around the world. In this article, we are going to discuss such internet attacks, DDoS attacks, and some amazing features of Nord VPN.

NORDVPN (NordVPN Anti-DDoS Feature)

Get Nord VPN the best VPN and many safety features provider. NordVPN is one of the safest and fastest VPN all around. If you are looking for a VPN that makes your money worth spending, then NordVPN is the one. It offers ultra-fast download speed, a high level of encryption(even double VPN encryption), and that too at a very low price.

DDoS ( Distributed denial-of-service ) & Double VPN

What is a DDoS attack and how does it takes place? 

Let’s consider the case where the room is designed to accommodate 50 guests but then suddenly 1000 guests arrive in the room. Eventually, the entrance gets blocked, creating a problem. Similarly DDos works in the cyber world.

DDoS (Distributed denial-of-service) attacks block or restricts the online services to be accessed by the user on a temporary or long-term basis. Basically, in a DDoS attack, the server or any service denies access to the user. 

During this attack, the server gets overfilled with huge traffic send by the hackers while the legit traffic is blocked to enter causing the server to crash. DDoS attacks are quite powerful as multiple systems and devices are used to attack the server. The trouble is increased even more when the user is unaware of the DDoS attack as they are hard to identify. Maybe you are casually using your computer without even knowing that you have been attacked by hackers. The only way to get aware of a DDoS attack is the decrease in performance. You can also try out some great tools for getting secure from DDoS attacks, like NordVPN Anti-DDoS Feature.

Till now you have got some idea of what a DDoS attack is. Therefore let’s know more about it.

According to Netscout’s data, in the year 2020 more than 10 million DDoS attacks were forecasted. It’s the highest number of attacks seen only in one year. Therefore you must know more about this.

Types of DDoS Attacks

Application layer attacks

These DDoS attacks occur at the layer where HTTP requests are handled by the server and web pages are created. At first, this attack will appear to be legitimate traffic; however, as the attack proceeds, it gradually increases to a point of overflow. For servers, application-layer attacks will feel like refreshing the same page repeatedly. 

Volumetric attacks

Volumetric attacks are the most common types of DDoS attacks that are done using botnets. In this scenario, a complete volume of data or bandwidth is consumed available between the target and the internet. What are Botnets? 

Botnets are a combination of two terms, network, and robots. Basically, it’s a network of computers. Botnets have a significant role in making DDoS attacks possible.

TCP connection attacks

In TCP connection attacks, the relationship is never established between the host and the server. Or the three-way TCP connection is never completed. In this attack, the hacker causes the server to hang in between while the handshake is just initiated. This restricts the server to accept any other request. The attackers keep making more handshakes to the server causing it to crash eventually.

Fragmentation attacks

As the name describes, internet traffic uses data packets that are reassembled according to the protocol employed. In this attack, fake data packets are being sent that destroy the server.

In 2021 Q2, DDoS attacks were maximum in Consumer Services. The DDoS attacks were increased by 55% from January 2020 to March 2021. 

The above stats show the market share of DDoS and bot protection software according to April 2021. The number of attack protection software programs is rapidly increasing in response to the increasing number of cyber-attacks.

How much DDoS attack can cost you?

Within just 24 hours, a DDoS attack can cause severe damage, which is enough for you to take proactive and serious security measures. According to the reports of Corero Network Security, in 2018 the DDoS attack cost the loss of revenue, loss of productivity, and security totaling up to $50,000 for a single attack.

The best way you can be protected from DDoS attacks is by using Nord VPN’s anti-DDoS feature.

The gaming VPN by Nord can with NordVPN Anti-DDoS Feature protects you from dangerous DDoS attacks. Some gamers make use of DDoS attacks to defeat your performance. Whether it’s gaming or normal use being safe is the foremost priority. 

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Till now we have understood DDoS attacks, their stats, and types. But what are the safety measure we must have to be prevented from cyber attacks and data loss? One such solution is the Double VPN feature.

What is a Double VPN?

NordVPN Anti-DDoS Feature

Double VPN lets you make use of two VPNs instead of one. This VPN feature jumps the user to two secured VPNs for enhanced security. It is also known as multi-hop due to its hopping capabilities. But it’s quite possible that you haven’t heard about it because it’s not too popular. There are only a few providers of it and that’s because it offers a slower connection speed. As a fact, it jumps to two locations situated may be too far, the timing increases and connection becomes slow. 

In contrast, it can actually be a great option if you’re into fields such as data management that deal with sensitive information or journalism. Wherever you need extra steps of safety double VPN works amazingly well.NordVPN Anti-DDoS Feature along with double VPN functionality provides a great level of security.

Before moving ahead let’s find out it’s working.

What is the working of double VPN?

NordVPN Anti-DDoS Feature

In a simple aspect, the idea behind using VPN is to hide your IP address and encrypts the traffic. Therefore, double VPN offers two different IP addresses, creating a more secure connection with two levels of encryption. In double VPN what happens is,

  1. When we start the VPN service, it encrypts the traffic and we are sent to the 1st VPN server.
  2. On the 1st server, the traffic is encrypted and it hides the Ip address.
  3. Then after the 1st server send us to the 2nd encrypted server.
  4. At the 2nd encrypted VPN server, the traffic gets decrypted and is sent to the respective target location.
  5. In the same reverse way, you will receive the response from the target location.

Hence through the above process, the traffic becomes encrypted at two levels and the target sees the second IP address of the VPN server.

Thus, using a double VPN encryption feature is very important while handling sensitive information that must not be exposed at any cost. 

Pros and cons of double VPN


  • Double encryption hence providing tough security
  • Your actual IP address is protected.
  • The second IP address hides the first IP address making it 100% secure.
  • Complete Privacy
  • Double VPN’s are mostly in different countries so it provides more layers between real and virtual locations.


  • Slower connection speed. 
  • More battery consumption
  • Less location as server choice

But to be more factual, using a double VPN doesn’t guarantee 100% security but reduces the threat to a high extent. Therefore you must be cautious while choosing your service providers. You should notice a few features while selecting VPN:

  • Reliable kill switch
  • Tor over VPN

If you are looking for a reliable and effective provider for getting double VPN features, Nord VPN tops the list. You will get the maximum features we have discussed above from Nord VPN. If you want peace while browsing the internet or while working on your system, Nord VPN is the most used tool. It offers the best services at a minimal cost. 

Conclusion (NordVPN Anti-DDoS Double VPN Feature)

In this article, we have learned well about cyberattacks, VPNs, and security setups. Let’s summarize the complete concept in few points:

  1. DDoS attack– Denies access to a particular site or server due to an overflow of traffic.
  2. Types of DDoS Attacks:
    1. Application layer
    2. Volumetric attacks
    3. TCP connection attacks
    4. Fragmentation attacks
  3. Loss DDoS attacks can produce
  4. Double VPN-a two-level encryption
  5. Working of Double VPN
  6.  Pros and Cons of Double VPN
  7. NordVPN Anti-DDoS Feature and double VPN feature

The main priority when using the internet or visiting a website is to be safe. The number of DDoS attacks is increasing every day, along with their variations. Not only DDoS attacks but wide and unknown cyber-attacks take place across the globe every single day. Therefore working for the optimal solution and using the right tools and technology for great security is whats required. Hope you like the article for NordVPN Anti-DDoS Feature and we welcome suggestions and queries from your side.

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